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About Us

Dear Doctor,

Our country is in a healthcare crisis and it's clearly a problem with the traditional "cut and drug" approach to healthcare.

As a chiropractor you have a superior philosophy of healthcare that represents the cure to this crisis.

One could argue that you have a moral duty and obligation to build a successful practice that gives voice to this a proven, superior approach. 

You probably became a doctor so you could help save and change peoples lives, but along the way you found yourself running a business. Now, you are an administrator, hiring manager, supply officer and new patient marketer.

Like most, you probably quickly discovered that the number of people you can help is limited to the number of people you reach with your message of hope and attract into your office for care.

After all, you can't help someone who's never heard of you.

As a matter of financial reality, you can't provide quality care, pay your staff or even keep the lights on without income from a consistent flow of qualified new patients coming in regualry.  

Of course, that leads directly to the question of how to promote and advertise without going broke! 

New patient marketing can be both intimidating and frustrating.

What should you say? Where should you spend your budget? What offers should you make? How do you know if it's even working?

Thus, Effective Marketing is both The Problem and The Solution.

Marketing is a constant problem that requires solving if you want to prosper and accomplish your mission. However, marketing and adverting are a whirlwind of change.  New platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube are changing all the old rules. Even for full time marketing experts, its hard to keep up!

Worse yet, you as a chiropractor, find yourself marketing against multi-billion-dollar vested interests like drug companies within the traditional "treatments for life" medical model. They seem to have an endless pile of money to burn.

So without your own millions to spend on marketing how do you compete? How do you rise above the noise and reach people?

The solution is to have superior knowledge, techniques, and strategies that maximize your ability to reach the public and attract the patient's you can help.

Unfortunately, it takes a full time effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn the marketing lessons needed - and even then you need to be able to run endless trial and error experiments. Most practices (almost none) can't afford this. 

So a clever solution was needed.... 

The Million Dollar Practice Builders Idea:

Get a large group of like-minded colleagues together who are all solving the same new patient marketing problems. Monitor and intermix their solutions. From this massive experience and updated data derive out what works best now and disseminate that broadly and quickly to he group.

That's the purpose of this web site and the Million Dollar Practice Builders community.

Million Dollar Practice Builders is here to give you that continuous feed of strategies, advice and tools to reach an influence the most people possible in your particular marketplace.

The foundation of the strategies and tools delivered in Million Dollar Practice Builders is a core group of over 100 growth-orients practices being serviced by The Customer Factory (https://thecustomerfactory.net). The Customer Factory is an online advertising agency focusing on new patient generation for local healthcare practices (primarily on Chiropractic and medically integrated chiropractic offices.)

Running millions of dollars per year in paid advertising and monitoring results closely, new techniques and lessons are learned continuously.

You will find these hard-won lessons published free on this site and packaged for your immediate use. 

The idea is that if you are a do-it-yourself marketer, you will have the insights you need to make the right marketing decisions to grow your practice to become a trusted the voice of authority in your marketplace regarding healthcare & wellness.

So far this experiment is working with more than 1355 practice owners following the strategies and marketing advice from this site!

John Nesbit
Founder, Million Dollar Practice Builders
CEO, The Customer Factory.net

P.S. Million Dollar Practice Builders is brought to you by The Customer Factory. If you want to jump into the fast lane and have your new patient marketing done by the experts there, then go over and take a look at their case studies and schedule a free service demonstration to see if its a good fit.